Business Casual for Class



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My dad always told me the story of how his college sweatshirt received a perfect attendance award his senior year in one of his classes. He was, and still is, so proud. I think many people remember wearing sweats to class. Nothing makes you feel more like a college student than sweats and a large caffeinated beverage of your choice. This year, some of my professors have taken a bold stand against the go-to, college uniform; they’ve required “business casual” for class. I heard my classmates groan when our professor read us their policy, but I had a different reaction: I smiled.

I enjoy dressing up for class. Knowing I have an excuse to put together an outfit makes me more excited. I start looking for inspiration to put together my outfit du jour on Instagram, other blogs, and magazines. I also look around to see what my classmates are wearing. No matter what catches my eye that day, I’m always excited to go to my closet and start mixing and matching.

The term “business casual” can be confusing and even stressful for many ladies out there, including myself. If only guys knew how easy they had it. For me, I tend to go for dresses when I follow a “business casual” dress code. That way, there is less stress about whether I’m too casual or too formal.

This dress is one of my favorites. I love the effortless and simple shape, making it the perfect, functional piece. I often gravitate for this silhouette. Since I’m petite (towering over others at 5’1″), I opt for dresses and skirts that hit me a few inches above the knee. This helps to elongate my legs, and (hopefully) give me some extra length. (I’ll take every inch I can get)! A dress like this is perfect to make the ever-daunting “business casual” easy and stress-free.