When Life Gives You Oranges

I love little details in my clothes. To me, it’s the details that make up your personal style. They reflect parts of your personality that you love. They are subtle; someone has to look for them to notice, and when they do, they learn something unique about you.

When I think of details in an outfit, the first things that come to my mind are the Christmas tree pendants and brooches my mom wears on her jean jacket at Christmastime. The way she arranges the jeweled trees reminds me of how she truly becomes Santa’a helper as she wraps presents, decorates our house, and bakes delicious sweet treats. Someone can tell that she loves (and I mean, LOVES) Christmas, just by seeing the details she adds to her jean jacket.


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I love these espadrilles. They’re insanely comfortable (which makes running to class a lot easier), light, and add a great detail to a neutral outfit. The mismatched design is a fun, unexpected punch! I highly recommend a shoe like this for a go-to, casual flat. They are an excellent alternative to sneakers, but are just as easy and comfortable.

What is it they say? When life gives you oranges, wear them on your shoes!