It’s a (Con)sign


Skirt (old – found at consignment store) Shirt (hereVest (old – similar here and hereShoes (here)

In my humble opinion, consignment stores are drastically underrated. I’ve found many cute, quality pieces for such a bargain! Take this skirt for example: I purchased it at a local consignment store, Clothes Circuit, a few months ago. It is in excellent shape and fits me like a glove! The best part? I walked out of the store with my new skirt for only $15!

Consignment stores are great for finding trendy pieces for a an inexpensive price. You definitely have to dig through the racks to find something that suits you (both in style and fit), but it’s well worth it when you do.

Before you go to the mall next time, stop by your local consignment store. You never know what gem you might find!

TIP: Many consignment stores have blowout sales when they are turning their inventory from one season to another. This is the BEST time for you to score a deal.