Sporty Spice


Shorts (hereSweatshirt (similar hereShoes (here)

Getting ready is one of my favorite parts of the day. I love the possibilities of what I’m going to do that day, who I’ll see, and what I’ll choose to wear. I love calling my mom to check-in while I’m straightening my hair and putting my makeup on. I love listening to music while I get dressed (it’s like my own personal dance party). It’s an important part of my routine that sets me up for my day.

I decided to shorten my getting ready routine today and go with a sporty look. This is more causal that I would usually wear for class, but the gloomy weather is perfect for athleisure.

I got these shorts recently, and cannot get enough of them. I usually stick to neutrals with athleisure and workout wear, but I couldn’t resist the cobalt! It’s a great pop of color with the darker gray sweatshirt. They aren’t only adorable, they’re super comfortable. (Because the weather is cooling down, just trade the shorts for every girl’s favorite essential, leggings, and you’re good to go! )

Athleisure has come such a long way recently, and you should take advantage of the styles! It’s easy to put together a stylish, functional, and casual look. You never have to go far to find a new piece to add to your casual collection. So, pull on those shorts, sweatshirt, and sneakers, and enjoy!