Blush Isn’t Just for Your Cheeks

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word “neutral,” I often think of black, white, navy, or gray. They’re tried and true for a reason; they are the basis for many outfits. Topping an emerald green blouse with navy jacket balances out the outfit so it isn’t too busy. Or, you can go monochromatic with an all black look. It doesn’t get more classic than that!

You don’t have to persuade me that these traditional neutrals are great. In fact, most of my wardrobe is made up by them! But, there are some lesser known neutrals out there that are worth adding to your wardrobe. My favorite? Blush.


Dress (hereJacket (hereBooties (similar here and here)

This blush suede shift dress is a great example of how to incorporate a, perhaps, newer neutral into your closet. I’ve chosen to do a large block of blush as my basis. Because blush is lighter, adding a darker color pops against the dress, like this denim jacket. 

TIP: I know that lighter colors have to potential to wash you out, especially if you’re pale like me, but add the darker color closer to your face! You won’t believe what a difference it makes. 

If you don’t want to wear such a large block of blush, accessories are a great alternative. I’ve talked about these loafers before. They’re a fantastic slip-on that accentuates the rest of my outfit that day. Expand the neutrals in your closet, and you’ll see how blush isn’t just for your cheeks!