How Fashion Makes Me Feel


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Take a moment, and think about how you feel when you put on your favorite dress. It fits you perfectly, makes your eyes standout, and flatters your body like no other dress you own. How do you feel when you’re wearing it? Powerful? Beautiful? Confident? When I have on that perfect dress, I feel all of those. 

Getting ready is often one of the highlights of my day. Aside from the one-woman dance party that happens every morning in my apartment, I love looking at my closet and seeing all of the possibilities hanging in front of me. I set myself up for the day by selecting an outfit that embodies how I feel, whether that’s sporty, flirty, or daring.

We have so little control over what happens in life, but you can control what you wear. It’s not just that perfect dress, it’s about how you feel wearing it. You feel powerful, beautiful, and confident. For me, nothing beats that feeling.

Fashion makes me feel powerful. It makes me feel like my actions should match my appearance; when I’m dressed for success, I will be successful. I will do whatever I can to become successful and reach my goals.

Fashion makes me feel beautiful. Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what others think, and everything to do with how you feel. When I take time to create a look that I love, I feel beautiful. It’s easy to tell when I feel beautiful because I can’t stop smiling!

Fashion makes me feel confident. To me, confidence is how you carry yourself. You put your shoulders back, walk with purpose, and show off those pearly whites! Making an easy choice to wear something that makes portraying confidence easy, well, is no choice at all!

I’ve often heard that fashion is purely materialistic. There are some elements of that, but it’s so much more. An outfit can change your attitude. Remember that feeling of your favorite dress; you can feel like that every time you wear something. Think about how fashion makes you feel. Why not choose to feel great?