The Busiest Time of the Year

Here’s what they don’t tell you: the most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest. With finals right around the corner and lots of fun, holiday activities on my to-do list, I know I need to stay organized.

For some helpful tips to refresh my organizational routine, I asked my best friend, Whitney Smith. In my personal opinion, she’s the queen of staying organized. Here are her five tips to help stay on top of it this season!

“Whitney, what tips do you have for staying on the ball this busy time of year?”

“With December just around the corner, I use this five tricks to stay organized”

  1. Keep to-do lists. Organizing your list by topic on your phone or in your planner is a great way to categorize your responsibilities. Having work or school responsibilities written in a planner prioritizes them and puts them all in one place. For miscellaneous notes, your phone is a great tool for everyday reminders, like grocery lists and daily tasks. iPhone reminder list
  2. Know when you’re most productive. For me, it’s first thing in the morning when the coffee is flowing! My mind is fresh and clear, allowing me to focus better. If I have to study at night, I choose something like reading or taking notes. But for studying, it’s all about the AM! Find your most productive time and check some of those things off your to-do list. phone alarm
  3. Evening cleanup. I spend 5 minutes every night putting things away to tidy up my apartment. It makes me feel better. Having a clean apartment lets me hit the ground running first thing in the morning!IMG_2328

  4. WhiteboardI recently invested in a whiteboard to make it easier for adjustments during my daily schedule. Having a bigger version of my planner that I can change in an instant is fantastic! (And who doesn’t love writing on a whiteboard?)

    november whiteboard calendar

  5. Consistency. Having a consistent schedule allows you to designate work time into your day. It becomes part of your daily routine. Basing it off of when you’re most productive ensures you’ll get the most out of your day.”

apple computer calendar

I feel better about my to-do list already! I’m definitely going to take Whit’s advice and base my daily schedule around when I’m most productive. What a great tip! 

I hope you can breathe easier with this helpful advice about staying organized this holiday season!