In the District

I lived in Washington, D.C. two summers ago for an internship on Capitol Hill. Since then, I’ve loved the city. I would walk around the National Mall looking at the monuments and taking in the history (I do have to live up to my self-proclaimed status as a history nerd after all).

My mom and I visited D.C., in part to network for jobs and in part to enjoy a vacation after finals. Despite the bitter cold, it was fantastic to be back to the Nation’s Capitol. I mean, take a look at the view.


Once we were there, I did some interviewing. Thanks to Jacqueline’s advice in my previous post, I had a whole new inspiration for what to wear. 



Dress (hereCoat (similar hereBoots (similar hereTights (here)

My mom and I did lots of sightseeing when we were walking around. We visited two of my favorite places, the Washington Monument and Mount Vernon. These two locations take my breath away each time I see them.




Take my word for it, I packed a lot more than just a black puffy coat, but wore the coat the whole time because it was so cold!

It was great to be back in D.C. It reminded me of the great experience I had when I lived there and what a beautiful place it is. If you haven’t visited it yet, add it to your must-see list!