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What is there to say about the Big Apple that hasn’t been said time and again? It’s busy, it’s bustling, it’s exhausting, but it’s unlike anywhere else.

After visiting D.C., my mom and I caught a train up to New York City. Let me tell you, I thought it was cold in D.C… As my mom and I always do, we walked around a lot. That’s the best way to see the city. Obviously, you must stop in a store every once in a while to do some shopping. Of everything we did on this spectacular trip, two things stood out to me in New York City: the Christmas tree at our hotel and the show we saw: Hello, Dolly!

This gorgeously decorated tree was in the lobby of our hotel. After I saw it, I just had to ask my mom to borrow her Christmas tree pins to top my denim jacket. They were the perfect additions to make my outfit more festive.





Jacket (herePins (similar here and here)
Top (herePants (similar hereBoots (similar here)

After taking pictures at the tree, my mom and I were off to Hello, Dolly! I remember watching this movie when I was growing up, and loved every lyric and costume. Seeing it live and in-person made me love it even more. Broadway legend, Bette Middler, was the titular lead and she stole the show. It was a night I’ll never forget!



Coat (similar hereScarf (hereHandbag (here)

Hello, Dolly! has always stuck with me from when I was watching it growing up. For those of you who haven’t seen it, there’s a song in the back half of the play where Dolly is welcomed back to her old stomping grounds with the words, “Well hello, Dolly!” When I was wracking my brain for what to call my blog, I didn’t need to look much further than an old favorite song. 

Denver girl in Dallas. Follow my fashion diary as I go through my senior year. I'm a strong believer that a great outfit sets the tone for a great day.


  • mphadventuregirl

    I been to NYC 11 years ago. It was just a trip with mom and one thing we did was see Wicked on Broadway. Little did I know that Wicked would spark my love for musicals. I began to understand the emotional side of musicals because of that musical. It did spark it so I am thankful for it. Than in my 1st year of college, my love of musicals turned into a passion because of Les Mis. Those two musicals are my top two musicals are tied for the moment for best musical

    • wellhellomollyblog

      There’s nothing like a Broadway show! Wicked is definitely a personal favorite. I’ve never seen Les Mis love, but I’d love to at some point!

      • mphadventuregirl

        Wicked is spectacular in so many ways. Everything about this musical feels OZian. It has everything I want in a musical: spectacle, dance, comic moments, romance, positive and negative emotions in the score and a strong emotional connection.

        Les Mis carries most of my vision because it only lacks the spectacle and dance aspect, but makes up for that loss. Because of how powerful and emotional it is, the spectacle and dance is made up for. It is passionate, epic, revolutionary and highly emotionally moving. There are so reasons to say why I love that musical

      • wellhellomollyblog

        What great descriptions of both shows! I can tell how passionate you are just through what you’ve written here. You’re observations are dead on!

      • mphadventuregirl

        In Wicked, I have developed such a personal bond to Elphaba since I relate so well to her. The storylines I connect to the most is the friendship found between Elphaba and Glinda and the love triangle found between Elphaba, Glinda, and Fiyero. Those are the two storylines I keep an eye on the most and see their developments the most.

        Les Mis really surprised me as it is a tragedy and grown up, I interpreted all musicals as happy, but Les Mis proved me wrong. Through Les Mis, I started to understand that tragedies go beyond their heartbreak and can be quite hopeful. I know sad was a musical emotional, but never realized heartbreak was a part of the equation.

        My blog itself brings out more of my passion for musicals

      • wellhellomollyblog

        I’m definitely going to check out your blog. You have such great insights! I have to ask, what’re your thoughts on Hamilton?

      • wellhellomollyblog

        Interesting! You have a great analysis about the musicals. I look forward to following your blog!

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