Bring on the Bubble

Bring on the Bubble

Wearing a one-color look is a great go-to especially during these long, winter months. For me, black is a no brainer. A large part of my wardrobe is black, which provides me ample options for having fun with styles and silhouettes, while keeping the color timeless. My newest take on the all-black look is all about the bubble (skirt)!

black bubble skirt with dark grey long-sleeve and black boots

black bubble skirt with dark grey long-sleeve and black boots

bubble skirt 4


Skirt (similar hereShirt (similar here)
Boots (similar hereBelt (similar here)

I absolutely love this black bubble skirt! It’s classic, while still fun with the pouf. As a shorty, I like how the shorter length elongates my legs. If you’re on the petite side, a shorter hemline is a great way to appear taller, especially with a riding-style boot! Adding the plum belt is a subtle detail that you have to look closely to see, and adds depth to the outfit because of its saturated color.

This look is stylish and versatile! It’s perfect for date night, brunch, or a more casual look if you add a denim jacket. Investing in a bubble skirt will give you more use than you might think. It’s fun, flirty, and will amp up your closet!

The Outfit that Never Fails

The Outfit that Never Fails

Picture this: no matter how hard you try, you can’t do it. You’re staring at your closet, and you can’t find a single thing to wear! When I feel like this, I choose my go-to outfit of the season. This winter, burgundy and booties have stolen my heart!




Sweater (hereJeans (here)
Booties (here Belt (here)

I can’t get enough of this look. This is an easy, functional, and comfortable outfit. Can you ask for anything more? This sweater is one of my winter staples. The deep burgundy is a universally flattering color that’ll make any ensemble pop, not to mention look more expensive.

Adding a boxier sweater with skinny jeans makes an all-purpose outfit that will look chic and effortless. You can add booties for a brunch ensemble, heels for date night, or sneakers for running around. No matter how you style it, you can’t go wrong with the outfit that never fails.

Starting New

Starting New

Every New Year, I make resolutions to try to better myself. I don’t know about you, but they usually last until April or May (and that’s on a good year). This year, I’m determined to make them stick and am starting new. Like many of y’all, my resolution is to get in great shape. The best way to stay on par with your fitness goal? PREPARATION! 

Preparation is key to keeping your resolution, whether it’s for workouts, meal planning, or rest. I add workouts and meal prepping to my master calendar. This way, I know I won’t forget to do them, nor will I feel behind. I dedicate time to preparing snacks and meals for the upcoming week. This trail mix is one of my favorites!

nut trail mix with dried cherries and yogurt chips

It’s the absolute perfect snack to keep in my bag on a busy day, or have as an addition to my yogurt and fruit in the mornings! I keep many little bags ready to grab in the pantry, That way, I have single serving portions that I can eat whenever.

nut trail mix with dried cherries and yogurt chips in single serving bag

Preparation will help ensure you stay on track. You’re much more likely to grab a healthy snack when it’s already prepared. Take five minutes to make this healthy snack, and you’ll be all set to tackle your New Year fitness goals!


1 cup raw, unsalted cashews
1 cup raw, unsalted walnuts
2/3 cup raw, unsalted pumpkin seeds
2/3 cup raw, unsalted sunflower seeds
3/4 cup yogurt chips (can sub dark chocolate chips)
3/4 cup dried cherries (can sub dried cranberries or your dried fruit of choice)



What is there to say about the Big Apple that hasn’t been said time and again? It’s busy, it’s bustling, it’s exhausting, but it’s unlike anywhere else.

After visiting D.C., my mom and I caught a train up to New York City. Let me tell you, I thought it was cold in D.C… As my mom and I always do, we walked around a lot. That’s the best way to see the city. Obviously, you must stop in a store every once in a while to do some shopping. Of everything we did on this spectacular trip, two things stood out to me in New York City: the Christmas tree at our hotel and the show we saw: Hello, Dolly!

This gorgeously decorated tree was in the lobby of our hotel. After I saw it, I just had to ask my mom to borrow her Christmas tree pins to top my denim jacket. They were the perfect additions to make my outfit more festive.





Jacket (herePins (similar here and here)
Top (herePants (similar hereBoots (similar here)

After taking pictures at the tree, my mom and I were off to Hello, Dolly! I remember watching this movie when I was growing up, and loved every lyric and costume. Seeing it live and in-person made me love it even more. Broadway legend, Bette Middler, was the titular lead and she stole the show. It was a night I’ll never forget!



Coat (similar hereScarf (hereHandbag (here)

Hello, Dolly! has always stuck with me from when I was watching it growing up. For those of you who haven’t seen it, there’s a song in the back half of the play where Dolly is welcomed back to her old stomping grounds with the words, “Well hello, Dolly!” When I was wracking my brain for what to call my blog, I didn’t need to look much further than an old favorite song. 

In the District

In the District

I lived in Washington, D.C. two summers ago for an internship on Capitol Hill. Since then, I’ve loved the city. I would walk around the National Mall looking at the monuments and taking in the history (I do have to live up to my self-proclaimed status as a history nerd after all).

My mom and I visited D.C., in part to network for jobs and in part to enjoy a vacation after finals. Despite the bitter cold, it was fantastic to be back to the Nation’s Capitol. I mean, take a look at the view.


Once we were there, I did some interviewing. Thanks to Jacqueline’s advice in my previous post, I had a whole new inspiration for what to wear. 



Dress (hereCoat (similar hereBoots (similar hereTights (here)

My mom and I did lots of sightseeing when we were walking around. We visited two of my favorite places, the Washington Monument and Mount Vernon. These two locations take my breath away each time I see them.




Take my word for it, I packed a lot more than just a black puffy coat, but wore the coat the whole time because it was so cold!

It was great to be back in D.C. It reminded me of the great experience I had when I lived there and what a beautiful place it is. If you haven’t visited it yet, add it to your must-see list! 

Dressing for Success

Dressing for Success

It’s a cliché, but you’ve got to dress for success. I remember watching my mom getting ready when I was really little, and she would always put together a slammin’ outfit. (Shoutout to mom for sharing an interest in style)!

As I’m starting to apply for jobs, I’m looking into stylish pieces that show my personality, but also are interview and job appropriate. My friend from school, Jacqueline Putegnat, told me to look no further. She works at an awesome Dallas boutique, Pitaya. They have so many fun pieces, that’ll add a flirty vibe to your wardrobe.

I asked her where she got her style inspiration. She told me from her internship at Marks and Spencer, a London PR agency. The PR and fashion departments were adjacent, so she got to see many different ways to dress for work.


Dress (similar here and hereBoots (hereSweater (similar here)

blog 3

Top (herePants (similar hereShoes (here)

blog 5

Skirt (similar hereTop (hereTights (here)

Jacqueline not only showed me outfit inspiration for work, but also put together more some off-the-clock ensembles.

blog 6

Sweater (similar here and hereTights (here)

blog 2

Dress (similar hereShoes (similar here and here)

Jacqueline’s styling advice gave me some great ideas for how to tackle my upcoming interviews. One less thing to worry about!

The Busiest Time of the Year

The Busiest Time of the Year

Here’s what they don’t tell you: the most wonderful time of the year is also the busiest. With finals right around the corner and lots of fun, holiday activities on my to-do list, I know I need to stay organized.

For some helpful tips to refresh my organizational routine, I asked my best friend, Whitney Smith. In my personal opinion, she’s the queen of staying organized. Here are her five tips to help stay on top of it this season!

“Whitney, what tips do you have for staying on the ball this busy time of year?”

“With December just around the corner, I use this five tricks to stay organized”

  1. Keep to-do lists. Organizing your list by topic on your phone or in your planner is a great way to categorize your responsibilities. Having work or school responsibilities written in a planner prioritizes them and puts them all in one place. For miscellaneous notes, your phone is a great tool for everyday reminders, like grocery lists and daily tasks. iPhone reminder list
  2. Know when you’re most productive. For me, it’s first thing in the morning when the coffee is flowing! My mind is fresh and clear, allowing me to focus better. If I have to study at night, I choose something like reading or taking notes. But for studying, it’s all about the AM! Find your most productive time and check some of those things off your to-do list. phone alarm
  3. Evening cleanup. I spend 5 minutes every night putting things away to tidy up my apartment. It makes me feel better. Having a clean apartment lets me hit the ground running first thing in the morning!IMG_2328

  4. WhiteboardI recently invested in a whiteboard to make it easier for adjustments during my daily schedule. Having a bigger version of my planner that I can change in an instant is fantastic! (And who doesn’t love writing on a whiteboard?)

    november whiteboard calendar

  5. Consistency. Having a consistent schedule allows you to designate work time into your day. It becomes part of your daily routine. Basing it off of when you’re most productive ensures you’ll get the most out of your day.”

apple computer calendar

I feel better about my to-do list already! I’m definitely going to take Whit’s advice and base my daily schedule around when I’m most productive. What a great tip! 

I hope you can breathe easier with this helpful advice about staying organized this holiday season!