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    Fitting in Fitness

    Fitness? You mean “fit-ness pizza into my mouth?!” I absolutely love working out. In short, it’s consistent “me time” that’s uninterrupted, fun, and challenging. I control what happens during my workout, which pushes me to try as hard as I can. It might sound cliche, but it’s true. Here are some of my favorite workouts that keep me going: My Fave Ways to Move: Spin Class Really anyone who’s met me knows I’m crazy about spin classes! I’ve been going for three years now, and can easily say it’s my favorite workout. I hop on the bike at Lync Cycling and love every second of it. Pushes, tapbacks, and hair flips;…

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    Starting New

    Every year, I make resolutions to try to better myself in the new year. I don't know about you, but they usually last until April or May (and that's on a good year). This year, I'm determined to make them stick and am starting new. Like many of y'all, my resolution is to get in great shape. The best way to stay on par with your fitness goal? PLANNING AND PREPARATION!