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    My Favorite Things: Summer

    It’s time for another post about my favorite things! We’re at the beginning of the summer, and I’m sharing my top three obsessions for this season. Check out here for my previous favorite things! Favorite Links Top (here) Hat (here) YouTube (here) Athleta Mesh Top This navy top from Athleta is ADORABLE! It’s a recent purchase, and I can’t stop wearing it. I love the subtle detail of the mesh. Even though my skin is insanely pale (#vampire), this top isn’t too revealing. Major win! I’m guilty of always wearing the same things over and over again, namely, white tees. This top is a nice break from my usual, while still being basic…

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    Fitting in Fitness

    Fitness? You mean “fit-ness pizza into my mouth?!” I absolutely love working out. In short, it’s consistent “me time” that’s uninterrupted, fun, and challenging. I control what happens during my workout, which pushes me to try as hard as I can. It might sound cliche, but it’s true. Here are some of my favorite workouts that keep me going: My Fave Ways to Move: Spin Class Really anyone who’s met me knows I’m crazy about spin classes! I’ve been going for three years now, and can easily say it’s my favorite workout. I hop on the bike at Lync Cycling and love every second of it. Pushes, tapbacks, and hair flips;…

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    Plant-Based for a Week: What I Thought

    Well, I did it! I completed my week of plant-based eating, and overall, I thought it was great! You can check out my starter post here. There were highs (making a kick-ass loaded sweet potato) and there were lows (staring at my brother eating a cheeseburger like he stole it from me). In short, I’m going to keep it up! When I prepared my meals at my apartment, it was really easy to stay on the plant-based yellow brick road. I always thought about my day ahead and had plenty of options ready to go so I wouldn’t feel more tempted. Here are some of the highlights! Breakfast Lunch Not…

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    Plant-Based for a Week

    When I was little, I’d toddle around with an asparagus spear in my mouth. I loved my fruits and veggies! I still do, but I find it harder to avoid sweets and junk than I did when I was younger. Even though I love to eat healthily, I get caught in a rut of eating the same few things. Boring, right?! So, to change things up and diversify my diet, I decided to go plant-based for a week. Plant-based, or vegan, sounds daunting. I mean, what can you eat? Celery? Lettuce? Almonds? Well, yes, but there are so many other options. I’ve done a lot of research and planning to…