• black joggers with grey sneakers, black shirt that says "all black everything" and a denim jacket
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    Weekend Wear

    When it comes to athleisure, it's easy to grab your favorite leggings. I mean, c'mon: you know they're flattering, comfortable is an understatement, and they go with virtually everything you own. Is there anything as good as leggings? Why, yes there is. One words my friends: joggers. 

  • nyc - mom and i in black coats; nighttime picture
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    The Apple and the Tree

    As the old saying goes, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." Hello, I am the apple and my mom is the tree. My mom has taught me more than I could ever put into words. She taught me how to make my famous M&M cookies, she taught me how to ride a bike (at an embarrassingly old...), and she taught me the importance, and fun, of style.